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Oak Kitchens Are Timeless and Elegant. From little Acorns grows the mighty Oak and it grows primarily in the northern areas of the world. This tree is both deciduous and evergreen and there is well over four hundred species of Oak and they have been used in the manufacture of furniture since the early centuries, this is because of its powerful strength and hardness of the wood. This particular wood has been venerated by people from all walks of society from Kings and Queens to the carpenter who has made some some of the most expensive antiquoak kitchenses in the world.

Custom Oak Kitchens

Custom oak kitchens are specifically designed and manufactured to last a life time and as the age they appear to do it without loosing any of their allure. Leinster Woodcraft who have been manufacturing custom made kitchens for the last twenty five years for the Irish and Uk market claim its one of the most
called for woods to manufacture kitchens to date. When deciding to purchase your new custom Oak kitchen, our advice is to visit the factory where the kitchens are made. 

There are a lot of fancy showrooms in towns throughout the country, which will give you ideas on how to design your new kitchen but it is advisable to see actually where these are made. Get yourself a three dimensional drawing of the kitchen so that you will have a pretty good idea how the kitchen will look in your home.

Below you will find some samples of kitchens that can be installed by Leinster Woodcraft. The addition of an island unit in your kitchen layout is advisable if you have the space, as its a great place to have the casual cup of coffee, read the papers or indeed for school home work. Storage is another reason why many opt for having the island.

Pippy Oak & Character Oak Kitchens

This wood is becoming very popular indeed, probably because it's got beautiful random natural knots and wil
l fit in to almost any setting, let it be an old country house or a more recently built one. Today a majority of our customers are mixing painted kitchens with the various Oaks, especially in the Island areas where we can add pilasters on the corners to give an added twist to your own design. In the island you can add a hob or a sink and even design it to be split level to hide away your high stools.

What Is An In-frame Oak Kitchens

oak kitchens The common question is the following. What is the difference between in-frame kitchens and on-frame kitchens. 

This where the doors and the drawers are neatly set into the actual frame of the kitchen, so you now have no protruding drawers or doors. A little bit more expensive to manufacture maybe in the region of 5% but the end result is pure elegance.
This where the doors and drawers are manufactured to protrude out from the frame of the kitchen and has been the way most kitchens have been manufactured in Ireland and the UK until recently.
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